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Thermal Cameras for Airport Screening

From check-in to landing, keep your customers and staff at-ease with infrared camera temperature detection.

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Lady walking in airport getting temp scanned

Airport Screening Temperature Solutions

The need for thermal imaging cameras in airports

Put flyers at-ease by providing a safer environment for all personnel as they interact at the airport and beyond. ICI’s infrared airport screening solutions can easily detect elevated temperatures, to quickly identify anyone who might be spreading infection when walking through the terminals. While such an adaption might be intimidating, ICI’s thermal cameras aim to make it simple. We specialize in building solutions that easily integrate and better existing safety protocols in airports.

With a variety of infrared camera technologies, from self-serve options to appointed monitor screening options, airlines can once again ensure that customers get to their destinations quicker and safer, and that their staff stays healthy and happy to help.

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Locations for thermal imaging cameras in airports

Entrances to Airports
Airport entrances are best met with an attended airport screening solution. An appointed operator will control flow and monitor results.
Crew Only Entrances

Airport temperature screening FAQ’s

What is the difference between an infrared temperature screener and an infrared thermometer?

While both devices measure skin temperature, there are differences in the process to use it. A hand-held infrared thermometer is held a couple centimeters away from the target and is pointed at the inside corner of the eye. This process takes a couple seconds per person and requires close contact between two individuals. A thermal camera system involves three essential elements to effectively screen from a distance of a couple meters. The system includes a thermal camera for temperature detection, a temperature reference to ensure accuracy, and a screen for quick and contactless detection and alerts.

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How is temperature screening incorporated in the boarding process without slowing it down?

Thermal screening solutions aim for fast and accurate airport screening that works within existing structures. We develop specific systems and features to fit your needs. Thermal cameras are able to screen quickly, and with centralized monitoring, dual vision cameras that display both thermal images and regular images, red light / green light alerts, and notifications, our solutions are built to add little to no extra time to a traveller’s journey.

Is infrared temperature screening dangerous?

No, infrared technology is completely passive and non-invasive. Thermal cameras emit no radiation — they measure heat emitted from the individual in front of the camera.

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Lady walking in airport getting temp scanned

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We’ve used infrared temperature screening to keep people safe since 1995. Let’s find the perfect airport screening solution for you.

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Demand for infrared temperature screening systems is up drastically due to coronavirus infections. ICI is doing all that it can to fulfill all orders and play a major role in stopping COVID-19. Fill out the form below to request a quote on our thermal imaging devices.

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