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Animal control equipment for wildlife & hunting.

Infrared Wildlife Cameras

Broaden your scope to new possibilities using

thermal imaging cameras for wildlife observations.


Infrared Wildlife Camera

Animal control equipment for wildlife and hunting.

Animal control equipment has evolved from simple binoculars to state of the art infrared wildlife cameras. These cameras are a valued piece of technology that impacts wildlife conservationists and hunters alike. Whether it be scouting for wild game or using it to understand the populace in your fields, infrared technology gives the ability to understand your surroundings. An infrared wildlife camera is used for more than hunting; a thermal camera for animals can give detailed observations and understanding of animal behavior. Since specific animal populations are more active at night, an infrared wildlife camera allows for greater insights into wildlands around us.


Durable technology


Unbeatable afterdark solutions


Enhanced visibility


Day and night capability

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Unmanned Infrared Systems

Unmanned cameras mounted on aerial drones are ideal for tracking and identifying trends of all animals across a large landscape.

Handheld Thermal Cameras

Handheld cameras are utilized while in the field for enhanced viewing and observing. Ideal both day and night when animals are camouflaged within the environment.

Fixed Mount

Fixed mount thermal cameras are utilized on game trails to observe animals' natural habits to learn trends and tendencies of different species. Fixed mounts infrared cameras have the capability to be triggered by wildlife to push alerts to the hunter.


Utilizing Thermal Cameras for Wildlife

Animal Control
Animal control equipment helps you locate invasive species that negatively impact wildlands and other animals with no natural predators.
Animal Preservation

FAQ: Thermal cameras for animal control and hunting

How can I watch wildlife at night?

A wildlife infrared camera creates a heat map of animals within their environment by sensing thermal energy. Unlike normal cameras, infrared cameras don’t need visible light to create an image. Therefore, in low visibility situations, like at night, you are able to spot wildlife through these thermal and infrared energy images.

How does thermal imaging help with animal control?

Due to instincts, animals are exceptional at evading humans. Thermal and infrared imaging helps wildlife conservation by allowing scientists to better understand the animal populace, especially when nocturnal animals are active. Hunters also utilize thermal imaging on species like the invasive feral hog that threaten crop production and native species. Since hogs are not as active during the day, thermal imaging is used to ensure effective hunting during the night.

How can I watch wildlife at night?

Thermal cameras are a great asset when used at night. The technology within these cameras picks up the thermal energy emitted from warm blooded animals like deer or any other land mammal. The image projected from thermal imaging cameras shows you where the animal is without using any visible light from the sun or other light source, such as a spot light or flash light.

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