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Safer Travel with Customer Temperature Checks

Temperature Screening for Lodging

Protect your travelers and staff with infrared technology.

Hospitality Temperature Screening

Welcome Travelers with Hotel Thermal Imaging

COVID-19 sweeps the nation with negative effects. The hospitality industry has already lost over $46 billion in room revenue and the loss continues. Employees are without jobs and travelers fear the risk of leaving their homes. This pandemic has harmed travel and tourism 9 times more than 9/11. Weeks of suggested quarantine before and after travel also take a toll. When there is no traveling, there is no need for lodging. This drop in revenue is affecting hospitality businesses across the nation. Infrared Cameras Inc. manufactured a turnkey solution to return to business with a safer travel experience.

It is time to safely operate your lodging with hospitality temperature screening. Each temperature screening system consists of three parts including an infrared camera, a temperature reference, and a monitor providing detailed metrics. These systems detect elevated temperatures to help limit biorisk between travelers while decreasing corporate liability. High-accuracy infrared cameras provide your business with a frontline defense. These tools can improve health and safety in the hotel industry lodgings. Welcome employees back with confidence, and give travelers peace of mind.


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Benefits of Temperature Screening for Lodging

  • Simple, safe, and stress-free process for patrons
  • High accuracy, rapid screening
  • Easy to understand pass/fail technology
  • Handheld technology for portable setup needs
  • Contactless interactive kiosk self-service option
  • Expert customer support pre and post-purchase
  • A company with vast reliable experience
  • Seamless order/delivery process
  • Taking precautions and give patrons peace of mind

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Stay safe at hotels with temperature screening technology. With new travelers every day, our fixed mount systems help maintain hotel health protocols.

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FAQs about hotel thermal imaging

Do temperature checks for COVID-19 work?

Temperature screening systems detect individuals with elevated skin temperature. Our high accuracy infrared technology provides a non-contact approach to rapid screening.

Infrared cameras are unable to detect COVID-19. Monitoring guest and employee temperatures limit the risk of contamination between individuals. Hospitality temperature screening gives patrons peace of mind and also protects employees.


How hotels are keeping guests, staff safe from COVID-19?

Health and safety for hospitality are dependent on precautions taken by specific lodgings.  Many hotels are following CDC recommendations to lower biorisk including the CDC guidelines for returning to work

The proper use of personal protective equipment and masks prevent unintentional bodily fluids from transmitting. Plastic guards at desks and disinfection of rooms and communal spaces also create a safer environment. Additionally, temperature screens at entrances can work to build up a frontline defense. 


High Accuracy Results for Hotel COVID-19 Guidance

Focus on health and safety in hospitality. Developing high-accuracy temperature screening technology since 1995, choose the company you can trust.

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