Thermal Imaging Systems

Infrared Cameras Inc’s thermal imaging camera systems are your all-in-one complete solutions. Our temperature screening systems include three parts: an infrared camera, a temperature reference source, and a screen for monitoring.

We provide training for you and your team on how to implement our thermal imaging systems.

FM 384 P Series IR Camera System
Industrial Flare Management System
IR-Pad 320 P Series Medical
IR-Pad 640 P Series Medical
FMX 320 P-Series Industrial Thermal Management System (ITMS)
OGI Inspector and OGI Inspector Plus
IR-Pad 640 Electrical
IR-Pad 640 Builder
IR Inspector
IR-Pad 320 Builder
Methane Mapper
IR-Pad 320 Electrical
IR-Pad 640 Research
IR-Pad 320 Industrial
IR-Pad 640 Industrial
IR Pad 640 Veterinary
IR-Pad 320 Veterinary
Sensor Control Module
IR-Pad 320 Research

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