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Infrared Research and Development

Thermal Cameras for Scientific Research

Infrared research and development cameras show your work in a new light. We proudly serve researchers worldwide with solutions that increase accuracy and efficiency. Many technological advances are in place today thanks to the knowledge and use of infrared and thermal cameras for scientific purposes, whether directly or indirectly.

Our thermal imaging cameras are often used in the production stages of various new developments. These cameras give researchers and developers the ability to study heat displacement, dissipation, and other thermal characteristics that are imperative when creating a new innovative product.  With an accurate reading of these numbers, the overall design process is much faster and under better control.


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Infrared Camera options for Research and Development

ICI’s thermal imaging systems are highly accurate and adaptable to all diverse situations needed in research and development.
Whether you need to inspect the ocean’s temperature or identify defects in materials while conducting research,
ICI has an infrared research and development tool for you.

Unmanned Infrared Systems

Aerial Drones are ideal for thermal building inspections. No need to scale tall buildings or bridges, these cameras have a long range and are a breeze to fly. Infrared drone roof inspection uses cameras to record those hard-to-reach areas of a structure like rooftops, support beams, or rafters.

Handheld Thermal Cameras

Handheld cameras allow users to inspect areas without bulky equipment. Inspect walls, floorboards, electrical equipment with the touch of a button. We carry a widespread of handheld thermal camera styles including tablets and monoculars.

Fixed Mount

Fixed mount thermal cameras can easily be set up for long term monitoring and research of buildings. The fixed mount system allows for data to be collected and understood over long periods of time.

Research Uses for Thermal Cameras

Materials Science

Identify defects and measure the surface temperature on all types of objects in your material testing lab for non-destructive testing.

Life Science
Geography Science

FAQs: Infrared Research & Development Cameras

What is the purpose of a thermal camera?

Thermal cameras measure infrared radiation emitted from an object and use that data to create an image. Their ability to see energy and heat invisible to the human eye empowers endless uses in the scientific and R&D communities.

What are some particular areas where thermal imaging is useful in research?

In addition to marine research, electronics, and material testing, high-speed thermography, you can also use high-resolution infrared cameras for spectral thermography, measuring heat dissipation and displacement, and so much more. These thermal characteristics are critical when creating new, innovative products. Plus, infrared cameras are helpful to ensure your lab conditions are just right with high accuracy temperature measurement.

How do I choose a thermal imaging camera?

Choosing a thermal camera for research depends on your needs — what do you need the scientific infrared camera to do? We offer high-speed thermal cameras and options with rapid frame rates. Talk to our sales experts about your infrared research and development needs, and we’ll match you with the perfect solution or create a custom design just for you.

How accurate is thermal imaging?

ICI’s medical grade thermal imaging camera have an extremely high level of accuracy. Our cameras are accurate to ±0.1-0.3 degrees Celsius. When it comes to human health and safety, there should be no compromises on accuracy.

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