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Temperature Screening
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From the warehouse floor to the logistics office, stay productive while helping to slow the spread with infrared.

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Employee Temperature Checks for Manufacturers.

Quick, accurate, and contactless workplace temperature screening.

In the time of COVID-19, our country continues to rely on its manufacturing factories to keep the supply chain moving and progressing. In an industry that normally runs on large, constantly moving teams in assembly lines and loading docks, employee safety is a prominent concern. Logistics offices face a tough task to keep productivity up while staying committed to the health and safety of employees. Safer manufacturing environments lead to limited contamination within the delivery process. From the production line to your front door, manufacturers are working to safeguard American’s health. Employee temperature checks can help lower biorisk at the door with infrared technology.

ICI’s highly accurate infrared solutions provide a fast and contactless way to scan employee temperatures. Our custom systems are easy to use and integrate into existing procedures at all levels of employee entrances. Manage and contain infection risk before it can spread. With text and email alert features, management notification of elevated temperature is seamless. Give warehouse employees, traveling truck drivers, and logistics staff peace of mind and lessen corporate liability. Make your facility safer and more productive with ICI’s workplace temperature screening tools.

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Benefits/features of infrared workplace temperature screening.

ICI is here to help manufacturers reopen and stay open safely. Our employee temperature check solutions make it easy to catch potential infections at the door and lower biorisk. We offer:

  • Infrared solutions at a variety of price points
  • Easy integration into current systems and security
  • Fast communication, expert sales advice, and ongoing education and support
  • A seamless order and delivery process
  • A three-component system for the highest accuracy: infrared camera, temperature reference device, and monitor
  • Easy to interpret pass/fail sound and light alarms, with customizable text and email alerts
  • Touchless and contactless solutions
  • Customizable access control badges and additional declaration forms
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      Locations for Employee Temperature Screening.

      Give employees in shared office spaces and traveling truck drivers peace of mind. ICI’s solutions provide fast and easy screening in lobbies and loading docks.
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      Workplace Temperature Screening FAQs

      How can I check someone's temperature without physical contact?

      In an infrared employee temperature check, a camera creates a thermal map of a person’s skin surface temperature. Cameras do not need to come into contact with the person, therefore, staying socially distant and lowering biorisk. Some of ICI’s solutions, for example, can detect temperature from 3-10 meters away. Results display on a separate monitor allowing for even further distancing. We provide several different contactless options ideal for manufacturing facilities:

      For high traffic areas, like warehouse entrances, a fixed-mount camera system works best. These three-part solutions use an infrared camera, a temperature reference, and a monitor. They quickly screen temperatures with the highest level of accuracy. An operator controls traffic flow and monitors results from a safe distance.

      Low to medium traffic areas, like loading docks, and logistics and management offices, do best with a self-service kiosk. These cut down on staffing and accommodate staggered or various arrival times. Customizable to fit your needs, our kiosks guide the employee through the process with prompts. The kiosks print out results on a badge that can limit access to the facility depending on results.

      In addition to cleaning and disinfecting, what can I do to decrease the spread of disease in my workplace?

      The CDC’s guidelines for manufacturers include distancing, source control measures, and more. They recommend rearranging workspaces to allow for six feet between employees and for employees to not face each other. Screens or barriers could stand between individuals. Proper ventilation, handwashing stations, staggering shifts, and grouping employees can also decrease spread.

      The CDC recommends employee health screening in areas where there is community transmission. This source control measure reduces the risk of infection getting into a facility in the first place. Temperature screening ensures that employees with temperatures over 100.4 degrees are flagged and should not enter the facility. The CDC further recommends that employee temperature checks occur at a safe distance or behind barriers.

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      Employee temperature screening with leading accuracy and expert support.

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