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Identifying Air and Gas Leaks with Acoustic Imaging


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About the Webinar

In this webinar ICI will be discussing the innovation of acoustic imaging tools and how they effectively identify various leaks, including: air leaks from pneumatic devices, various gas leaks, SF6 leaks, and more. Participants should expect to learn:

  • Why acoustic imaging tools are able to identify any kind of compressed gas leak
  • When to leverage acoustic imaging instead of, or alongside of, infrared imaging
  • How acoustic imaging makes your workers, workplace, and the environment safer
  • Why acoustic imaging tools are able to be effective in many different environments 
  • How acoustic imaging tools compare to other leak detection methods

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Meet the Host

Mark Koch, Solutions Engineer at Infrared Cameras Incorporated (ICI),  has over 20 years of electrical and reliability maintenance experience. Mark’s experience ranges from apprenticeship shop floor electrician to technical support management to, now, solutions engineering. In 2010, he began working at the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, where he learned electrical maintenance best practice and helped implement a predictive maintenance program (PdM). At MSD, he learned and provided routine PdM services such as thermography, vibration, lubrication, visual inspection, motor testing, and ultra-sonics. In 2014, Mark was a Technical Support Manager for ALL-TEST Pro, LLC (ATP), where he provided professional support worldwide for users and distributors of ATP equipment.