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Offshore Technology Conference


Date & Time:

9:00AM 05/02/22 CST


2:00PM 05/05/22 CST


NRG Park, Houston Texas
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Infrared Solutions

Thermal Cameras for the Oil and Gas Industry

ICI combines premium thermal imaging technology with a robust cloud-based data management platform to help organization's operate as safely and efficiently as possible. ICI's SmartIR platform users are able to identify leaks, prevent major safety issues, and receive real time notifications and alerts. 

  • Detect safety and production issues
  • Oil and Gas pipeline inspections
  • Tank and flare monitoring
  • Mountable on aerial drones or UAV systems
  • Locate hotspots on pressure vessels
  • Assist in wastewater management
  • Oil well imaging
  • Identify leaks

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Optical Gas Imaging
Identify the presence of methane, hydrocarbon, and other gases during an equipment or pipeline inspection procedure.

Live Notifications + Alerts
Continuously monitor your assets so you can act fast, saving products and exposing fewer workers. 

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