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Thermal Imaging Conference 2022


Date & Time:

7:00AM 09/20/22 PST


10:30AM 09/22/22 PST


Bally's Lake Tahoe, California 

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Infrared Solutions

Thermal Imaging for Electrical and Building Inspections

ICI offers highly accurate thermal imaging solutions for electrical and building inspections, allowing you to quickly detect early signs of failing equipment, safety hazards, and energy inefficiencies. Stop by our booth to speak with one of our infrared experts and learn how you can develop your organization’s preventative maintenance program and maximize energy efficiency. 

  • Identify hotspots due to poor connections, bad components, overloads, resistance, or unbalanced loads
  • Optimize energy efficiency 
  • IR Flash Pro software for comprehensive reporting and dashboards
  • Identify safety hazards 
  • Plan for repairs 

Speaking Engagements

Our Founder and President, Gary Strahan, will be participating in multiple speaking engagements during this year's Thermal Imaging Conference. 

To provide a little background on Gary, he has over 30 years of experience in Infrared Technology and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). He is extremely knowledgeable in NDT methods and technologies, having experience with all aspects of infrared thermography, from the designing and manufacturing of infrared cameras to their many applications.

Prior to starting his business, Gary was employed by Mobil Oil Corporation and wrote their Non-Destructive Testing Procedures. He was also a District Manager for FLIR Systems.

Gary is a Level III Certified Thermographer and has been an Infrared Thermography instructor since the early 90's. All of his courses meet ANST requirements.

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