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3 Important Thermal Camera Questions For Reopening Businesses

As schools and businesses reopen, leaders have a lot of questions about how to do so safely. Temperature screening is an efficient and accurate precaution for enhancing safety. Infrared thermometers are a popular choice for reopening businesses, but thermal cameras offer the best, most accurate, and safest option for screening temperatures. Here’s a quick comparison between the two technologies:

Thermal Cameras:

  • Scan temperatures from a couple of meters away, allowing for safe and distanced screening
  • Options for temperature screening without an operator, allowing for savings on labor costs
  • Highly accurate to a fraction of a degree Celsius
  • Ideal for situations with a lot of foot traffic
  • Measure the temperature of every pixel captured by the camera

Infrared Thermometers:

  • Scan temperatures from a couple of centimeters away, requiring close physical distance when screening
  • Produce temperature readings on an LCD screen rather than a complete thermal image
  • Measure the temperature of one target location

How to Pick the Right Thermal Camera for Your Business

In order to source the right camera for your local business reopening, there are three questions to ask. If you’re not sure how to answer the following, contact the ICI support team to guide you through the process. Our team is friendly and very knowledgeable, with ongoing development projects that make us leaders in the infrared camera industry.

1. How much traffic flow do you receive?

For your businesses to reopen successfully, you have to ask how much traffic flow comes through your door? Specific cameras can accommodate multiple types of crowds with varying habits.

For example, ICI’s Centurion self-screening kiosk is perfect for workplace settings with low to moderate amounts of traffic flow where employees enter and clock in for work shifts with badges proving their temperatures are within the normal range. On the other hand, some venues with lots of customers entering, such as amusement parks or sports arenas, will require an operator and camera with supreme speed and accuracy like the FM 640 P.

You can research specifics here and contact our team for more detailed information.

2. In what physical location do you need to conduct screenings?

Secondly, where you choose to place your thermal camera is an important decision that can influence the type of camera you should select. Consider how much physical space you’re able to dedicate to a screening station, the number of entrances, and if those entrances need a screening station. Smaller cameras can mount to metal detectors, while others easily mount to a tripod. For customers who prefer them, ICI has handheld options. Self-screening kiosks can also be set up near entryways.

3. Will there be an operator assisting the screening?

Last but not least, you will need to either appoint an operator to monitor screening or utilize a self-service screening process. The operator would direct individuals to stand in front of the camera while monitoring the red light/ green light signal system. Alternatively, you can let the technology control the flow. With the self-service screening system individuals approach the kiosk, input required information, and undergo screening. All without an operator. Upon a passing temperature, the individual is granted a badge to prove they’ve undergone the screening.

What Thermal Technology Does Your Organization Need?

Regardless of industry, these questions are imperative for business owners looking for thermal cameras to safely reopen their facilities. Infrared technology is a critical measure for reopening businesses safely due to COVID-19. Whether you’re in an office building with limited foot traffic, or in an airport screening masses of travelers before they board, we have a solution for you!

Infrared Cameras are veteran-owned, and our devices are calibrated and assembled by hand right here in the United States. Our support team is standing by to help you learn how to reopen your business with thermal technology. We’re available from 8am-5pm CST at 1 (866) 861-0788. Don’t wait — call us today to strategize a safe solution for reopening your business.


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