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An Inside Look at Infrared Cameras Inc’s Exhibitor Booth and How the Innovative Technology They Provide Gives You Tangible Solutions in Regulative Compliance at OTC2020

Infrared Cameras Inc (ICI) is honored for the chance to exposé at the OTC Offshore Trade Convention, Booth #4972, on May 4 to May 7 at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. (Facebook, 2020, Feb 12) This is a wonderful chance for everyone in attendance, to ask questions and receive tangible solutions regarding the most effective ways to stay compliant and safe in an offshore environment, including preventative maintenance, mandatory/voluntary inspections, and regulative compliance.

Rewind Back to Last Year: You’re Standing at the Entryway to the OTC2019 Exhibitor Booths

Last year, Infrared Cameras Inc, caught the eye of many a patron with their drone package system situated above the separation curtains for an intriguing view, even from the entryway. This set-up did not disappoint and after making my way to their table, I quickly discerned that I was not the only one interested in this remarkable drone. Why was a UAV at an offshore technology conference? I could conjure a few reasons, especially since a monitor underneath the drone displayed a unique black and white video of someone that looked like me. Oh, live feed… correction that is me.

During the short wait for my turn to speak with the employees at ICI’s booth, I came to learn that these weren’t just any staff members: These were the faces of Infrared Cameras Inc, the people behind the creation, manufacturing, and distribution of ICI’s products. I was impressed considering that I would be speaking with knowledgeable experts versus mere sales reps to answer any questions I had.

The first infrared expert I spoke with was Gary Forister, Sr. Design Engineer at Infrared Cameras Inc. Not only was he happy to answer my barrage of questions, he had answers for questions I didn’t even know I had. Not to mention, their lead UAV technician, Clancey Aggen, demonstrated the drone’s capabilities (except for actual flight since that was not allowed according to the OTC personnel), as well as the proficiency of the package system of devices this drone was equipped with. (Infrared Cameras Inc, 2020a Feb)

So, why was a drone at the OTC Trade Show? And what exactly was that apparatus the drone was carrying?

ICI’s Halo Pro | Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV Inspection System Has Both Power and Redundancy You Can Depend On

Forister thoroughly explained that this drone, dubbed the ICI Halo Pro, was constructed out of carbon fiber, providing a lightweight, but highly durable body with a folding arm design for easy transport. Motors and ESC’s can easily be swapped on the fly with added bullet connectors. It’s HV LIPO batteries, 8 brushless motors, and 22” propellers offer over 50 minutes of extended flight time, as well as redundancy to protect your investment of the drone and the multi-sensor UAV payload that this drone is perfectly capable of carrying. (Infrared Cameras Inc, 2020b Feb)

A Quick Look into the Ground-Breaking UAV Multi-Sensor Solution that Has Efficiency and Accuracy in Mind

This UAV payload, called the OGI Inspector Plus, pairs 2 of ICI’s finest infrared cameras, the Mirage HC and the Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer (TDLAS), with the Sony R10C high-res camera. This combination of imagers is a gas detection system that is unmatched in the fugitive emissions market. The Mirage HC is used in locating hydrocarbon-based gas emissions while the TDLAS is tuned specifically to the spectral absorption of methane. The Sony R10C high-res camera provides asset identification and visual inspection capability. (Infrared Cameras Inc, 2020c Feb)

This entire outfit gives the user increased efficiency in locating even the smallest of gas leaks, saving time and money, with efficient emissions identification and concentration data in real-time. (Infrared Cameras Inc, 2020c Feb)

A Long Time Competitor in the Infrared Market Relates to Their Customer’s Needs and Provides a Variety of Infrared Solutions

Of course, the complete drone package seemed to be the highlight this evening, but after I gawked and stared a bit longer, I came back down to earth and spotted the infrared products that were on the table. ICI has been in the infrared business since 1995 and the work that they put into their extensive line of products shows they know what they’re doing.

ICI’s entire thermal product line includes many types of thermal infrared products including handheld, USB, fixed mount cameras, and other UAV solutions, that can be tailored to fit any need with custom implements and designs that are done in-house. (Infrared Cameras Inc, 2020d Feb)

Along with custom design, ICI also provides calibration of thermal imaging cameras and black bodies, infrared camera repairs, rental services of various cameras, and thermography training courteous of Infrared Training Institute. (Infrared Cameras Inc, 2020e Feb)

Back to the Present: OTC2020

This year I am excited to go back to this OTC exhibition and am looking forward to receiving another clever and informative demonstration of Infrared Cameras Inc’s monumental expertise and what new types of accomplishments have been made in the world of infrared.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity: Register to attend the OTC Offshore Trade Convention, and visit the infrared and thermal camera specialists of Infrared Cameras Inc at Booth #4972 on May 4 to May 7 at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.



The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

Celebrating 50 years since 1969, OTC’s flagship conference is held annually at NRG Park (formerly Reliant Park) in Houston. OTC has expanded technically and globally with the Arctic Technology Conference, OTC Brasil, and OTC Asia.

OTC is sponsored by 13 industry organizations and societies, who work cooperatively to develop the technical program. OTC also has endorsing and supporting organizations.


  • Quality: 350+ peer-selected technical presentations, leveraging 13 societies’ collective knowledge and covering topics from the wellbore to topsides and everything in between.
  • Value: 500,000+ sq. ft. of exhibit space with ground-breaking innovations and 2,000+ leading providers of products and services in one place, at one time.
  • Networking: 60,000+ energy professionals from 100+ countries are there.
  • Always Something New: Connect with global C-suite leaders and 100+ speakers to discover what innovations we can expect over the next 50 years.
  • Media Exposure: 300+ journalists from around the world attend OTC.
  • Investing Back in the Industry: OTC’s sponsoring organizations use revenue to provide many other important programs for its members, such as training and technical journals.
  • In the World’s Energy Capital: Combine OTC with client meetings, business proposals, and company training.
  • Convenience: 174 nonstop flights, world-class venues and hotels, and nearby public transportation.



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