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Temperature Screening Hospitality Guidelines for Safer Stays

The coronavirus outbreak has and continues to reshape when people leave their homes. Canceled vacations and closed businesses are costing over $46 billion in room revenue. Projections place overall losses at 50% for 2020. This also impacts a reported 4.8 million hospitality workers that are without work.

In the midst of these devastating statistics, the hospitality industry has proven necessary. Even with numbers down, people continue to need or want to go and stay places. It is then up to our hotels, resorts, and other shared living spaces to reduce biorisk in hospitality. With proper sanitization and tools, the industry can provide a safer destination for guests and staff. Body temperature checks with thermal cameras can help slow the spread at the door. To get you started, here are some of the top protocols for lodging and hotel safety.


Protect your hotel staff and guests with a reopening protocol in place

The CDC’s guidance for commercial lodging starts with staff education. Employers should create and share COVID-19 operating and safety policies with staff. Then a designated point of contact for employee support is imperative. Hotels should assess all lodging facilities paying special attention to communal areas. This can help identify places in which infection is most likely to spread. This includes areas such as dining rooms, lobbies, bedrooms, and laundry rooms. Management should then implement a combination of the following measures for staff and guest safety:

Hotel changes for staff safety

  • Arrange staff workstations to be six feet apart and non-facing other employees.
  • Install barriers or arrange payment centers to allow for distancing between staff and guests.
  • Decrease usage of high-touch items such as card readers. Instead use online services for check-ins, payments, menus, and more.
  • Monitor temperatures of guests at check-in infrared kiosks.
  • Encourage employees to stay home when sick, and write clear protocols for coming back to work safely.

Disinfection protocols for improving guest safety

  • Dispose of any single-use items left in rooms.
  • Sanitize surfaces with solutions approved for COVID-19 operations.
  • Increase the cleaning of frequently touched areas. Provide staff with wipes for cleaning after every guest interaction.
  • Consider implementing a lodging temperature check for all employees.
  • Take extra precautions when cleaning linens. Wear gloves, do not shake, and dry on the highest heat setting.
  • Create a plan for cleaning rooms of guests confirmed to be sick. No one should enter the room for at least 24 hours after the guest leaves.


How can hospitality temperature screening improve hotel safety?

The CDC’s lodging and accommodations guidelines state that people should stay home when sick. Temperature screening in hotels helps identify individuals with elevated temperatures. Body temperature checks are compatible with entrances, restaurants, lobbies, and more. With the ICI Biorisk Management Platform, hotels can help limit contamination and corporate liability in hospitality. This also shows staff and resort visitors that their health is your utmost concern.


What are my options for body temperature checks?

Hospitality temperature screening tools for hotel safety provide top speed, ease, and accuracy. Keep your employees safe with contactless body temperature checks from a safe distance. We offer a variety of infrared camera systems to fit every hotel, resort, and lodging facility. No matter the size, the volume, or the number of entrances, temperature screening for guests and staff is customizable. Centralized monitoring of all cameras ensures seamless integration within any existing security systems. With our reliable enterprise services, you can confidently provide guests with the highest level of hotel safety.

Attended temperature screening for guests

ICI’s attended systems are ideal for high traffic areas like hotel lobbies and apartment front offices. When guests arrive, infrared cameras quickly sense elevated skin temperature. An operator controls flow and monitors results on a separate screen. Red light/green light and audible alerts allow for easy identification. Keep things moving with fast and accurate attended hospitality temperature screening systems.

Self-Service workplace entrance screening

Self-service kiosks are ideal for slow-to-moderate traffic locations like resorts or employee entrances. Resort visitors and staff members follow prompts on a screen to have their temperatures checked. Results and identification then print out on a badge. These badges have the ability to control access to certain parts of the lodging facility. Provide your long-term guests and employees with stress-free safety.


How to protect yourself from COVID-19 while traveling?

As families and travelers begin to venture out again, the CDC has released special guidance for commercial lodging. They advise travelers to contact their destinations beforehand. Stay informed about the hotel’s Covid-19 operating and safety policies. Also, check that employees wear masks, disinfect surfaces often, and practice distancing.
During your stay, use online services as much as possible. Online check-in, payments, and menu order help reduce contact with shared objects. Do your best to take extra caution in common areas where six feet distance is difficult such as elevators, gyms, and restaurants.


Provide Peace of Mind with Hospitality Temperature Screening

Traveling looks a little different this year. But by following health and sanitation hotel protocols, hotels can help ensure that travelers enjoy a safer stay. We are here to help peace of mind with infrared hospitality temperature screening. Our thermography experts can help find a perfect solution for your lodging facility.

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