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Thermal Imaging Uses in 5 Key Locations

Many businesses are using handheld temperature guns to scan their customers’ forehead from a distance of only a couple of centimeters. However, these are not always efficient for large buildings with high occupancies and a constant influx of visitors. This is where many decision-makers are turning to thermal cameras.

Thermal cameras are an effective solution for all types of facilities, whether they accept customers and visitors, or just employees. Camera systems are installed a couple of meters from the individuals being scanned. This way, there is a minuscule risk between the operator and the individual being scanned.

There is a thermal imaging temperature screening solution for any setting that wants to successfully screen temperatures while keeping operations and traffic flowing. Check out where to use thermal imaging cameras to increases safety and efficiency.


One of the best ways to keep students and staff safer, drive lines running smoothly, and classes on time is to install thermal cameras in schools and universities. Although thermal imaging uses vary depending on the campus size and configuration, there is a camera for every location to fit the needs of school administrators. To be most effective, school officials should use them at main entrances, in cafeterias, gyms, and other areas that make it difficult to maintain a six-foot distance between individuals. Thermal imagers installed around schools can provide the opportunities to keep students, visitors, and staff out of populated areas if they have an elevated temperature.


Many airlines are implementing policies that require passengers to undergo temperature screening prior to boarding the flight. This new process can help prevent contagious diseases from spreading to new regions of the United States and across the globe.

Airports can help ease the extra strain on travelers and airlines by performing temperature screens at TSA checkpoints. Due to the versatility of thermal imaging and the ability for cameras to be mounted onto metal detectors, the cameras add minimal time to the process. Airlines also have the option to purchase and utilize thermal camera technology at the gate or at aircraft entrances to ensure their policy is followed in a social distancing manner.

Large Venues

The cancellation of major events like sports and concerts has large venues looking for a way to reopen safely. One of the most practical thermal imaging uses is to scan spectators as they pass through security checkpoints. As ticket holders enter, they can be quickly screened by mounted cameras, and only those with elevated temperatures will be flagged for a secondary evaluation. Thermal imaging cameras can help protect a large number of people in a short period of time.

Office Buildings

Many professional buildings are limiting the number of guests and enhancing their sanitization practices. Thermal camera kiosks located near the entrances of office buildings can add an extra layer of protection. Ideally, these kiosks can be used to protect building occupants without slowing business activities. A convenient way to accomplish this is to place a thermal camera system like the ICI Centurion kiosk at entrances for employees to interact with as they enter. Once the employee undergoes the temperature screening, if it is a passing temperature then they are granted access on their control card or receive a printed badge.


Deciding where to use thermal imaging cameras in malls is critical to ensure the most effective use of the system. Unlike other large buildings, mall visitors enter in a more dispersed manner through many entryways. This is a challenge for mall management to keep track of the number of customers shopping inside. Placing infrared cameras near entrances and food courts can help scan a large number of people in a timely fashion.

Where to Use Thermal Imaging Cameras?

As we fight to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control, business owners are taking measured steps to keep their customers and employees safe. There are many effective thermal imaging uses to help businesses reopen as safely as possible. Contact our team today to learn more!


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