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Intelligent Condition Monitoring Platform

Advanced Thermal Imaging & Software for Asset Reliability and Predictive Maintenance in Warehouses & Distribution Facilities


Prevent operational downtime and critical asset failures throughout your distribution centers and warehousing facilities

What is SmartIR

SmartIR is a revolutionary solution that combines thermal imaging technology with a proprietary monitoring and analysis software to manage facilities and critical assets throughout warehouses and distribution centers. Every asset has a normal operating temperature range, and deviations from this range indicate a potential upcoming issue. Thermal cameras provide highly-accurate, continuous, and real-time temperature reading of these assets, and spot deviations before they cause a potential issue.


Stream Key Data to ICI's SmartIR Platform

Protect your Organization's  People, Property, and Equipment

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Multifaceted Analytics & Customizable Dashboards

Set KPIs and benchmarks to identify temperature deviations indicating an issue before they cause operational disruptions. ICI's SmartIR dashboards are entirely customizable to fit your organizational structure and processes, communicating the most relevant data to each user.

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Real-time, Automated Notifications

Instantly communicate when an issue is identified to team members to proactively address problems. Integrate with preventative maintenance processes and automatically issue work orders to streamline maintenance processes.

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On-Site or Remote Video Monitoring

Access data points and live video feeds from the thermal cameras from anywhere with an internet connection. Monitor a single camera on a facility's premises, or dozens of cameras across multiple locations.

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Seamless Integration with VMS and BI Systems

Seamlessly integrate into organizational systems and processes, including video management, manufacturing, maintenance, and operational platforms for seamless KPI tracking and ROI analysis.

Using SmartIR in Distribution Centers

SmartIR quickly identifies  issues in electrical and mechanical assets before they cause a critical failure

In distribution centers and warehouses, handheld thermal cameras have been used by maintenance professionals for facility and asset inspections for decades. However, calendar-based inspections with handheld infrared cameras often miss failing systems or components and lack historical comparison data needed to identify assets that are wearing out and are prone to upcoming failure. This is especially true with complex assets in warehouses and distribution centers such as conveyor belts, motors, bearings, gearboxes, and certain electrical components. For assets that support critical operations and whose downtime is costly, continuous condition monitoring with SmartIR is the optimal solution.

Getting Started with SmartIR

Determine Applications

Discuss your facilities' critical assets and systems with an ICI expert to determine the applications most appropriate for continuous monitoring. Discuss current challenges, KPIs, and current maintenance processes.

Installation & Setup
Data Streaming & System Integration
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Connect with an ICI Expert