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Back to School Safety with Thermal Imaging Technology

Education in 2020 is full of uncertainty. With virtually no transition time, parents and teachers adapted to distance learning. Now, with many school districts around the country considering a return to the classroom this fall, parents and educators alike are concerned. They want to know what measures to expect that will ensure school is a safe place. From bus rides, class activities, and extracurriculars, everyone is wondering what the new normal looks like.

Parents can feel confident knowing back to school safety is a priority. To create a safer environment, decision makers are working hard to put plans in place for a safe re-entry. With rigorous sanitation and hygiene practices, schools are also tapping into state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology. Using infrared cameras for temperature screenings in conjunction with other measures will create a safer space for students to learn and interact.

Temperature Screening Locations for Back to School Safety

Temperature screenings are a frontline measure for safeguarding students and staff. An elevated temperature is one of the first and easiest symptoms of illness to identify. Since infrared camera systems are quick, touchless, and extremely accurate, they are perfect for school entrances.

Infrared systems consist of a thermal camera, temperature reference, and screen or computer. Using these systems is simple and stress free. As individuals pass in front of the infrared camera, a skin temperature measurement is shown on the monitor within seconds. A pass/fail response is then generated on the monitor through a green light and a red light. The response lets the individual know if they should proceed into the facility or stop. The following are possible locations for these screening systems.

School Buses

Implementing temperature checks as students board the school bus is a proactive way to keep potentially ill students from entering. Many state guidelines recommend pre-boarding temperature detection for the upcoming school year. This helps safeguard both students and bus drivers.

School Entrances

Once on the school grounds, thermal imaging checkpoints at entryways are fully capable of handling the large crowds of both students and staff. Rapid screening speed ensures classes begin on time while maintaining visitors’ safety and health. Additionally, thermal imaging systems are completely portable for ultimate mobility. It can easily be moved to alternative entrances for flexible use such as basketball games, pep rallies, and fine arts events.

Thermal cameras enable temperature screening to occur from a safe distance. Operators can stand a couple meters away from the individual being screened, as opposed to the couple of centimeter range needed for the common infrared thermometers. For large campuses, these temperature screening systems easily integrate into existing workflows.

High Traffic Entryways

Areas with heavy foot traffic, such as student entry points, are ideal for fixed mount cameras with an operator who monitors the pass/fail temperature test results. In the event that a high temperature is detected, light and sound alerts go off, as well as text and email notifications.

Low Traffic Entryways

Entryways that receive low to moderate amounts of foot traffic on campus, such as staff-only entrances, are ideal for self-service solutions that don’t require an operator. In these situations, teachers and staff members can screen their temperatures rapidly on a kiosk camera tower. Kiosks can be touch-free and incorporate badging for access control.

ICI: Helping Students Get Back to the Classroom Safely

As parents and teachers look toward a fall semester in the classroom, educational institutions are working proactively to keep students and their families safe. Implementing infrared technology is a proven solution that will safeguard students, staff and families.

Infrared Cameras Inc is a global leader and manufacturer of infrared systems. Operating for 25 years, ICI’s products are used worldwide in governmental agencies, airports, hospitals, school districts, and more. Connect with us to learn more about infrared technology is keeping people safe by slowing the spread of COVID-19.

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