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Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation – Canine


Cairn Terrier, MN, 13-year-old


The patient was presented with vomiting and lethargy. He had tried to jump on the couch and failed, hitting a hardwood floor, becoming acutely lame, and was showing aggressive behavior presumably due to pain.

Physiological Screen with Digital Thermal Imaging

The patient was acclimated to room temperature, was not handled during acclimation, and remained calm during image capture. A set of 14 digital thermal images were captured with a Digatherm IR camera.

Areas of bilateral, asymmetrical hyperthermia were present throughout the paravertebral musculature. Focal areas of hyperthermic were noted at T4-5 – L3-4.

The left para-lumbar musculature showed an area of intense, asymmetrical hyperthermia from L4-S1-2 (Fig. 1).

Additional Diagnostics

A radiograph demonstrated abnormal curvatures of the spine (Fig. 2).

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