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Restaurant Temperature Screening for Patron Safety

Fast and Accurate Restaurant Screening Upon Arrival

The reopening of on-site restaurant dining has been a tricky process for lawmakers and business owners alike. Even with capacity regulations, bars and restaurants see large amounts of different people throughout the day. Eating and drinking in restaurants make it impossible for guests to wear face coverings the whole time. These risks, alongside recommendations and mandates, are why businesses use restaurant temperature screening to mitigate potential risks. Identifying potentially ill patrons at the door can help you to create a safer and more relaxed environment for diners and staff alike.

ICI provides next-level restaurant safety with highly accurate infrared temperature screening solutions. From high-volume restaurants to small bars, our systems work within your existing flow to quickly detect temperature. We carry handheld thermometers and attended or self-service fixed-mount systems available for any business. Safely get back to serving your customers with infrared restaurant temperature screening.

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Features of infrared technology for restaurant safety.

ICI is here to help restaurant owners provide a safer environment for their guests and staff. Our fast and accurate infrared solutions make it easy to stop potential infection risks at the door.

  • Products at a variety of price points, from handheld thermometers to fixed mount infrared systems
  • Solutions to fit every restaurant, no matter the volume, size, or number of entrances
  • Expert education, sales advice, and continuing support
  • Easy integration into existing restaurant flow
  • Self-service kiosks and attended solutions to fit your needs
  • Centralized monitoring allows for temperature screening alongside other restaurant cameras
  • Three-component infrared systems provide high accuracy
  • Quick detection from a safe distance with customizable alert systems
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      Where can you utilize temperature screening?

      High-Volume Restaurants
      ICI’s fixed-mount systems are perfect for high-volume restaurant entrances. An infrared camera, temperature reference, and monitor accurately detect temperature while an operator controls traffic flow.
      Restaurants and Cafes
      high volume restaurants
      restaurants bars
      restaurants and cafes

      Common questions from other customers.

      What are the new CDC guidelines for restaurant safety?

      As more restaurants and bars begin to open for on-site dining, new CDC recommendations focus on source control. They also continue to emphasize cleaning and disinfection procedures. Guidelines include staying home when you are sick or when you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Employees might screen themselves for high temperatures or other symptoms as an added measure, along with wearing face coverings and washing their hands frequently. Employers could also conduct screenings daily at work to help with this process. Restaurants should disinfect high-touch areas often and increase regular cleanings. It is recommended for businesses to use less shared items like condiments and menus, and instead use disposable materials when possible. Staff should limit and space out dining tables to allow for distancing.

      Is it safe to eat out if there is temperature screening?

      New York City recently announced that it will require indoor dining restaurants to check customer’s temperature at the door. Many businesses are now having to consider this precaution out of necessity. New CDC guidelines also state that employees can self-screen for elevated temperature as an extra measure. Alternatively, employers may offer to screen employees daily. Temperature screening is a source control method. Detecting and isolating people with possible symptoms can help slow the spread of COVID-19 to others. It should be used in combination with other precautions. Temperature screening is done with handheld thermometers, temperature guns, or infrared screening systems. The CDC also has guidelines for protecting the staff members who conduct screenings. These recommend distancing and standing behind barriers when possible. ICI’s infrared screening solutions are particularly useful in these areas. They allow for an operator to stand far away from the person they are screening for additional safety.

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      Temperature screening has been made important to the world, as of late. But it’s been our focus since 1995. We’re a global force in protecting people through advanced technology.

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