Thermal Camera Rental

All thermal camera rental are dependent on the availability of the system requested and are rented / demoed on a first-come-first-served basis. Optical Gas Imaging / OGI Cameras are NOT available for rental. Unfortunately, we do not rent cameras outside of the United States. All infrared camera rentals include standard Accessories and Software.

Try Before You Buy:

Looking to buy an infrared camera, but would like to test it out beforehand? Infrared Cameras offers our most popular thermal imaging camera models for a “Try it before you buy it,” a maximum of one week. At the end of the rental period, if you like the camera, you may purchase it for the retail price (plus shipping handling minus rental cost). If you are dissatisfied or want to try another camera, simply pay the rental fee and shipping costs and return the camera.

Cannot decide which camera would work best for your project? Rent them both for a day to use with your application to determine the best route for you and your company. Please call for details.

Infrared Cameras Rental Services

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Try before you buy


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Includes standard accessories & software

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Does your system need to be calibrated?

We recommend an annual calibration
for your infrared camera system for
maximum performance and accuracy.

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Have a question?

We’re here for you. Get in touch today for any general inquiries.

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Need your system repaired?

Our facility is fully equipped for thermal camera repairs. We can fix any ICI camera as well as devices from select manufacturers.

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