Thermal camera uses for all industries.

Infrared technology to make your life easier.

We provide superior thermal imaging devices tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need to temperature screen everyone walking into your building, inspect homes for real estate sales, or detect invisible gas leaks, there’s a thermal infrared solution for you.


What is a Thermal Camera Used For?

Thermal cameras are versatile tech tools that boost safety and efficiency. They are helping industry professionals across industries work smarter. Here’s how various industries benefit from thermal imaging solutions.

Nurses in hospital with blue clothes


Thermal cameras are extremely accurate instruments capable of measuring skin surface temperature and imaging all parts of the human body with extreme detail. Our line of thermal cameras and software can detect elevated skin temperatures brought on by various external causes with pinpoint accuracy.

Image of factory worker


Our thermal imagers are useful anywhere mechanical and electrical equipment or process temperatures need to be monitored. This includes pressure vessels, weld monitoring, glassware manufacturing, plastic injector molding, and more. Infrared cameras can be used in any manufacturing facility.

Image of drone with a camera

Infrared Drones

Infrared drones make hard-to-see, hard-to-reach, or large canvas areas (such as large commercial buildings, wind farms, and solar farms) easily visible with a bird’s eye view. We offer effective, high-quality thermal imaging cameras that are mountable to any drone, UAS, UAV, or multicopter platform as well as helicopters and small planes.

Image of oil refinery

Optical Gas Imaging

Optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras and systems use a unique spectral filter method that enables you to see invisible gas emissions. OGI is an exceptional gas leak detection method, enabling prevention measures that protect property and staff, save money, and maintain a healthy environment. 

Image of electric grid


When you work with or around electricity, minute problems can take down entire systems. Thermal camera imaging identifies electrical issues and is ideal for predictive maintenance, preventative measures, and testing various electrical scenarios.

image of security camera


There’s no reason to be left in the dark when it comes to the safety and security of your property. Infrared thermal security cameras are essential because this technology gives you the ability to track movement on your property during all hours of the day and night.

Image of veterinary with dog and cat


Your pets can’t tell you what’s wrong, but infrared imaging can show you. Veterinary thermal imaging cameras are useful in measuring the skin surface temperature of animals and pets, from examinations to injury discovery and inflammation detection. Veterinarians use thermal images with canines, felines, equine, and even cattle.

Image of air conditioner

Building Science

Thermal images give you physical evidence when something is amiss with your home or commercial building, such as leaks or hot spots. Prevent costly repairs utilizing thermal imaging for roof, HVAC or insulation inspection and moisture detection. 

Image of man with a engineering design

Research & Development

Thermal imaging cameras give researchers and developers the ability to study heat displacement, dissipation, and other thermal characteristics that are imperative when creating a new innovative product. With an accurate reading of these measurements, the overall design process is much faster and under better control.

Image of man hunting with dog

Hunting & Animal Control

The ability to “see” in the dark is the most beneficial aspect of infrared thermal cameras for hunters and animal conservationists alike. Whether scouting for wild game, predator hunting, or using it to better control and see the populace of game in your fields, the possibilities of thermal camera hunting & animal control are vast.

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