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Tailored temperature screening solutions.

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School temperature screening solutions.

Safe temperature checks for students and staff.

Protect your campus and slow the spread with infrared. School temperature screening reduces risk and provides greater peace of mind while keeping students, staff, and families safer. ICI’s temperature screening systems are easy to set up and operate, produce results in seconds, and offer the highest level of accuracy. When it comes to the health and safety of your students, faculty, and staff employees, there’s no room for error.

Be prepared for back to school 2020 with safety. Learn more about our solutions for temperature screening for schools and universities.

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Premium features for elevated temperature detection.

Innovators in Infrared Since 1995.

ICI equipment includes cutting-edge features perfect for school temperature screenings. Learn more about our key features:

  • Centralized Monitoring: Control your schools’ cameras from one location.
  • Access Control Card: Restrict access to certain areas with badge control.
  • Printed Badge: Users of any infrared solution will receive a printed ticket with their photo and temperature.
  • Red Light / Green Light Signals: Easily identify normal and elevated body temperatures.
  • Facial Detection: Software enables lightning-fast temperature screens. Data is not stored for privacy.
  • Plus many more
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      Locations for school temperature checks.

      Student & Staff Entrances
      Check temperatures at the door and drive line for students and staff. We have solutions for high-volume student entryways, as well as self-service options for staff entrances.
      Stadiums & Gyms
      Dining Halls & Cafeterias
      Administration Buildings
      Image of school entrance
      Image of school field stands
      Image of school lunch tables
      Image of school administration building

      Quotation marks

      I think this is the safest school building in the country right now.

      – Deep Sran, Founder of the Loudoun School for Advanced Studies

      Sran’s school is equipped with ICI thermal cameras, UV air filters, social distancing, and mask requirements.

      FAQs on temperature screening for schools.

      Will temperature screening slow down drop-off lines in K-12 schools?

      No, thermal temperature screening takes just seconds to complete as students walk through the door. Drop-off lines should flow normally.

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      Do thermal systems work for different heights?

      Yes, ICI’s thermal temperature screening systems are able to screen individuals of all ages and heights.

      Is infrared temperature screening dangerous?

      No, infrared technology is completely passive and non-invasive. Thermal cameras emit no radiation — they measure heat emitted from the individual in front of the camera.

      Is temperature screening effective to detect Coronavirus Disease 2019?

      Temperature screening with infrared cameras detect elevated skin temperatures. An elevated temperature is a common symptom of Coronavirus Disease 2019 or other contagious illnesses. To summarize, temperature screening does not detect COVID-19, but it quickly identifies individuals who may be ill. Temperature screening is a frontline defense for school screenings for COVID-19 symptoms.

      How do I prepare my child for temperature screening?

      Temperature screening is nothing to fear! Your child should be prepared to walk through the thermal camera setup and take a quick pause while their temperature is screened. If their temperature is normal, they can enter school normally.

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      Veteran Owned. Hand calibrated in the USA.

      Temperature screening has been made important to the world, as of late. But it’s been our focus since 1995. We’re a global force in protecting people through advanced technology.

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      Demand for infrared temperature screening systems is up drastically due to coronavirus infections. ICI is doing all that it can to fulfill all orders and play a major role in stopping COVID-19. Fill out the form below to request a quote on our thermal imaging devices.