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As employers worldwide reopen post COVID-19, they cannot simply return to “business as usual.” The world has vastly changed, and implementing safety protocols to mitigate ongoing risks of infection is crucial. Temperature screening with infrared technology is one of the most efficient and accurate ways to keep staff and patrons safe. Already in use in airports and medical facilities around the world, temperature screening is an ideal precaution for businesses and organizations in all industries.


How Do Thermal Cameras Screen for Elevated Skin Temperatures?

ICI’s thermal camera systems measure surface body temperature, producing precise measurements in seconds.

While thermal cameras don’t measure core temperatures and are not diagnostic tools, they are a powerful frontline screening measure to identify individuals with elevated body temperatures. Individuals with elevated temperatures should remain home or undergo further screening. Thermal cameras do not screen for illnesses — they detect high skin temperatures.

Using infrared cameras to screen for elevated body temperature at entry points into your business allows for fast and accurate screening, all from a safe social distance.

These thermal imaging systems are versatile, with handheld, mounted, or self-service options. Settings are fully customizable according to your needs.


Not All Thermal Cameras Are Created Equal.




Your thermal system should be extremely accurate to ensure maximum safety in your facility. Our temperature screening devices have a margin of error as low as ±.1 to .3°C.



The speed that your thermal system scans patrons ensures your business activities don’t slow down. ICI’s temperature screening cameras take mere seconds to screen each person.



All temperature screening systems should include a temperature reference source to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Health and safety are on the line. Accept no substitutes.



How accurate is infrared temperature scanning?

Precision and accuracy matter when safety is on the line.

ICI cameras boast the highest accuracy in the industry. What sets ICI apart is our three-part system:

  • Camera
  • Screen
  • Temperature reference

All leading thermal camera solutions have these three essential elements.
Accept no substitutes.


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ICI’s commitment to excellence and quality is why ICI has played a key role in every major epidemic and pandemic response since 2002. We are trusted worldwide by prominent organizations around the world. If you are considering implementing infrared into your safety measures, we would love to partner with you. 


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