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Intelligent Thermal Monitoring Solutions

Improve operational and safety processes throughout your facilities with ICI's SmartIR Platform


Prevent operational downtime and critical failures throughout your facilities

Integrated Thermal Imaging Solution 

Leverage ICI's SmartIR to quickly identify operational or safety issues before they cause a critical failure

Avoid Operational Downtime

ICI's SmartIR-enabled thermal imaging solutions give organizations a warning before a critical asset fails. This allows organizations to leverage cost-effective, scheduled maintenance instead of costly emergency repairs and unplanned operational downtime. Additionally, emergency repairs often require substantial capital expenditures to prematurely replace equipment.

Improve Predictive Maintenance

ICI's thermal cameras are highly accurate, picking up on heat signatures that indicate potential issues and the need for maintenance. ICI's platform and analytics allow organizations to leverage infrared data points to conduct trend analysis, allowing users to perform maintenance during scheduled downtime, estimate part failure timelines, make repair/replace decisions, and automate and prioritize work orders based on criticality and other key factors.

Prevent Safety Incidents

ICI's thermal imaging solutions are a cost effective way to inform and manage safety protocols and processes. With ICI's solutions, organizations can identify and address potential issues before they cause a safety incident. SmartIR Platform users will be able to: identify and address electrical faults and mechanical issues to prevent arc flash, electrocutions, and facility fire; provide early stage ember/fire detection, even before there is visible flame or smoke; enhance perimeter and facilities security; diagnose assembly line problems and other safety issues.

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ember detection
Ember/Fire Detection
Electrical Fault
Cabinet under load
motor failure-1
Motor Failure

Stream Key Data to ICI's SmartIR Platform

Protect your Organization's  People, Property, and Equipment

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Multifaceted Analytics & Customizable Dashboards

Set KPIs and benchmarks to identify temperature deviations indicating an issue before they cause operational disruptions. ICI's SmartIR dashboards are entirely customizable to fit your organizational structure and processes, communicating the most relevant data to each user.

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Real-time, Automated Notifications

Instantly communicate when an issue is identified to team members to proactively address problems. Integrate with preventative maintenance processes and automatically issue work orders to streamline maintenance processes.

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On-Site or Remote Video Monitoring

Access data points and live video feeds from the thermal cameras from anywhere with an internet connection. Monitor a single camera on a facility's premises, or dozens of cameras across multiple locations.

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Seamless Integration with VMS and BI Systems

Seamlessly integrate into organizational systems and processes, including video management, manufacturing, maintenance, and operational platforms for seamless KPI tracking and ROI analysis.

How ICI's SmartIR Platform Works

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Infrared Cloud Platform Wheel
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Monitor manufacturing components, electrical equipment, and other critical assets to identify failures before they cause downtime

Stream key data points to ICI's proprietary SmartIR Platform

Leverage insights to improve internal operational and safety processes and avoid critical failures


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