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Environmental, Health & Safety Seminar & Industry Trade Show


Date & Time:

4:00PM 06/07/22 CST


1:30PM 06/09/22 CST


Booth 204


Galveston, Texas


Moody Gardens Hotel & Convention Center



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Infrared Solutions

Thermal Imaging for Gas Detection

ICI combines premium thermal imaging technology with a robust cloud-based data management platform to help organization's minimize fugitive emissions and ensure environmental compliance. ICI's SmartIR platform users are also able to effectively prevent major safety issues in real time

  • Identify and mitigate gas emissions
  • Ensure environmental compliance
  • Real time notifications and alerts
  • Improve predictive maintenance 
  • Improve operational processes 
  • Prevent major safety threats
  • Multifaceted analytics and customizable dashboards
  • On-Site or remote video monitoring

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Optical Gas Imaging 
Visualize gases such as methane, SF6, and many other organic gases.

Handheld, Fixed Mount, and Drone Systems
We offer a range of solutions that can be tailored to fit your exact needs.

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