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IEEE PES T+D Conference


Date & Time:

7:00AM 04/26/22 EST


4:00PM 04/28/22 EST


New Orleans, Louisiana


Infrared Solutions

Thermal Imaging for Electric Utilities

ICI combines premium thermal imaging technology with a robust cloud-based data management platform to help organization's cultivate the safest, most efficient energy grids possible. ICI's SmartIR platform users are able to effectively prevent major safety issues, plan for repairs, and prevent downtime.  

  • Identify hotspots due to poor connections, bad components, overloads, resistance, or unbalanced loads
  • Prevent arch flash
  • Archive and Retrieval
  • Continuous Data & AI Analytics
  • SmartIR software with comprehensive reporting and dashboards
  • Reduce operational downtime
  • Live Notification / Alerts
  • Improve efficiencies

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Infrared Audits
Plan for repairs and prevent downtime by finding damaged components early.

Live Notifications + Alerts
Continuously monitor your electrical grid to receive notifications and alerts, preventing small problems from turning into system-wide shutdowns.

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