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Enhancing Employee Safety with Infrared Technology



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About the Webinar

In this webinar, ICI will be discussing how Infrared cameras can improve facility safety and reduce risk of accidents, equipment failure, and other hazards in a manufacturing setting. Participants should expect to learn: 

  • Practical knowledge on how to implement and use infrared cameras to improve site safety
  • How to enhance fire safety by detecting hotspots and potential fire hazards 
  • How to prevent arc flashes and reduce the risk of electrical hazards
  • How to detect spills and leaks using infrared cameras
  • How to use IR cameras to identify people to monitor locations and identify PPE being worn
  • How to minimize the risk of mechanical devices that can cause burns or impact safety
  • How infrared cameras are able to preemptively identify failures or malfunctions, allowing you to address problems before they cause serious harm 
  • How infrared cameras can be used to monitor the manufacturing process to ensure quality standards and reduce the risk of defects



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Meet the Host

Taimen Taylor, our Director of Customer Solution Engineering here at ICI, has an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute) and earned his MBA from Michigan State University.  He has more than 10+ years of experience working with infrared and other remote sensing technologies. Taimen has performed or worked with customer to perform a wide range of applications including infrastructure condition assessment, R&D applications (DoD, Universities, Manufacturing, etc), automotive manufacturing applications, medical applications, and everything in between.