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Optical Gas Imaging Solutions for Gas Leak Detection



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About the Webinar

In this webinar, ICI will be discussing how Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras enable companies to efficiently identify fugitive emissions of dozens of gases. In doing so, these inspections provide a safer workplace and help eliminate leaks that can harm the environment. Participants should expect to learn:

  • How OGI cameras are able to detect leaks from a safe distance, creating safer protocols for employees 
  • Why OGI cameras are so effective for reducing fugitive emissions and lessening the amount of natural gas lost during operations 
  • Why OGI cameras enable faster inspections, leak source identification, and greater situational awareness
  • How Oil and Gas companies can lower their risk of plant shutdowns, product loss, and regulatory fines to receive a higher return on their investments 
  • What makes OGI cameras different from traditional contact measurement tools 
  • About the wide range of OGI cameras on the market, and the questions they should  ask when buying one 
  • Why having your OGI camera calibrated for temperature measurement allows you to use your camera as a dual purpose solution capable of detecting hotspots on electrical components for preventive maintenance, identifying levels in tanks, and more 
  • The benefits of using OGI cameras in conjunction with other inspection technologies such as Tunable Diode Lasers and acoustic imagers

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Meet the Host

Carl Schultz, Director of Industrial Solutions at Infrared Cameras, Inc. (ICI) has more than four decades in the Thermography and Infrared hardware and service sector. He is a SMRP Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP). He has experience in PdM/Condition Monitoring, Electrical Motor testing and Oil Analysis. He holds a level III Certificate in Thermography, and Level I Certificates in Ultrasound and Vibration.