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Electroacupuncture – Clinical Response

The patient was presented non-weight bearing on the rear limbs.

Physical Examination
Rear limb paralysis was confirmed during examination

Physiological Screen with Digital Thermal Imaging
The patient was acclimated to room temperature, was not handled during acclimation, and remained calm during image capture. Digital thermal images were captured with a Digatherm IR camera.

Interpretation of the Thermal Images
An initial dorsal thermal image of the thoracolumbar area (Fig. 1) showed symmetrical and asymmetrical hypothermic activity throughout numerous vertebral and paravertebral segments.

Electroacupuncture Therapy
Electroacupuncture of Bai hui, GV14, GV4, ST36, and BL23 was administered.

Monitoring Response with Digital Thermal Imaging
The patient was again acclimated to room temperature, not handled during re-acclimation, and remained calm during image capture.
Digital thermal images of the lumbar and sacral spine were captured with a Digatherm IR camera 18 and 28 minutes after electroacupuncture.
All images were analyzed in a medical palette with identical thermal windows.

Interpretation of the Follow-up Thermal Images
The monitoring images (Figs. 2 & 3) show progressive increase in thermal gradients in the areas initially identified as hypothermic. This indicates a normalization in circulation from re-establishment of neurological function following electroacupuncture.

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