ICI Reporter

Professional Report Building Thermal Camera Software

  • ICI Reporter is a professional analysis software package that gives thermographers the ability to create exceptional reports for both field and lab testing. It features a number of tools that makes post processing thermal data simple, providing maximum flexibility.
  • Users can preview images before importing as well as export thermal images as JPEG’s to view in web browsers and on other computers. Even more convenient, ICI Reporter documents export directly to Microsoft Word where they can be turned into PDF’s or saved in other formats.
  • Our software has a full suit of graphic tools to modify images. Auto gain control as well as manual level and span allow users to optimize images for best contrast. Stitch multiple images together to create mosaics or to build one large image out of a group of smaller images. Temperature data can be output from each of these images.
  • Multiple images can be placed on a single page with up to 99 corresponding temperature data points of interest for a single image. Elements can be re-sized by clicking and dragging from any corner.
  • 3D modeling gives users a three-dimensional framework for various temperatures within the image. This 3D model can be manipulated by grabbing the model and rotating it on the X or Y axis. Users can also make adjustments for atmospheric conditions such as humidity and ambient temperature.
  • ICI Reporter is compatible with many of our devices including the ToughCam and Duracam series imagers.

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ICI Reporter Professional Thermal Infrared Imaging Report Building Software
  • Image of red star Export to Microsoft Word
  • Image of red star JPEG output
  • Image of red star 3D modeling
  • Image of red star Create mosaics
  • Image of red star Emissivity corrections
  • Image of red star Image re-sizing and adjustments


  • Processor: i5 or above
  • RAM: 4 GB or above
  • OS: Windows 8/8.1/10
  • Hard Drive: 256 GB or above
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080




  • Report building
  • Mosaic creation
  • Field and lab testing
  • Document creation
  • Infrared image analysis
  • Thermal image editing
  • Post processing analysis

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