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APEX 300

APEX 300

Internet of Things Solutions

  • Featuring a 384 x 288 thermal detector, a built-in 1080P visible camera, and ± 2°C (± 3.6°F) or ± 2% accuracy, the APEX 300 ensures seamless temperature monitoring and guards against critical equipment failures.
  • Its compact size and easy installation make it ideal for diverse fixed-point applications in hard-to-reach or narrow locations.
  • The device connects to existing monitoring systems and is compatible with various interface protocols for enhanced equipment protection.
  • red star icon Connects to monitoring systems, such as NVR, etc.
  • red star icon Compatible with multiple interface protocols
  • red star icon FTP file sharing and SMTP email support
  • red star icon Up to 8 points/8 lines/8 areas of temperature analysis
  • red star icon Maximum, minimum, and average temperature for analysis
  • red star icon Power over Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection support
  • red star icon High-definition visible and radiometric streaming
  • red star icon 1 Alarm input, 2 alarm outputs, and Alarm threshold settings
  • red star icon High temperature measuring
  • red star icon Environmental variable corrections
  • red star icon Small and compact structure


  • Pixel Resolution: 384 x 288
  • Accuracy: ± 2°C (± 3.6°F) or ± 2%
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 650°C (-4°F to 1202°F)
  • Operation Range: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
  • Storage Range: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
  • Detector Array: UFPA (VOx)
  • Pixel Pitch: 12 μm
  • FOV: 68° x 51.8°
  • IFOV: 3.16mrad
  • Focal Length: 3.8 mm
  • Focus: fixed
  • Spectral Band: 8 μm to 14 μm
  • Thermal Sensitivity (NETD):
    < (40 mK) 0.04°C at 30°C (86°F)
  • Frame Rate: 25 Hz
  • Humidity: 95% non-condensing
  • Pixel Operability: > 99 %
  • Shock/Vibration: 25 G/2 G
  • Dimensions (without lens):
    109 mm x 58 mm x 31 mm (L x W x D ± 0.5 mm)
    (4.29” x 2.28” x 1.22” (L x W x H ± 0.02”))
  • Weight: 170 g (6 oz)
  • Power: DC 12V to 30V, ≤ 2W, PoE support
  • Interface:
    - 8 pin M12 A type connector: including 10M / 100M
    adaptive RJ-45 Ethernet port, and POE power supply
    - 12 pin M12 A type connector: including DC power supply,
    alarm input and output
  • Protocols:
    - Network: TCP, UDP, RTSP, HTTP, SMTP
    - Interface: ONVIF, GB28181, Modbus TCP, MQTT
  • Streaming:
    - Infrared: up tp 1024 x 768
    - Visible: 1080P
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Image Format: IR JPG (with data) + visible JPG
  • Image Polarity: 20 options
  • Image Modes: IR, fusion (ICI Dual Vision), visible, enhanced,
    side-by-side visible
  • Memory: 32 GB, internal
  • Digital Camera: 2 MP, FOV: 81° x 61°
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Light: LED
  • Automatic alarms
  • Alarm snapshot
  • FTP file sharing and SMTP email support
  • Internal non-uniformity correction (NUC)
  • Remote reset and device reset button


Options / Accessories

  • 12-Pin to DC connector cable (optional)
  • 8-Pin Coaxial to Ethernet cable
  • Screws and installation stickers
  • Windows 32-bit SDK
  • Linux SDK (x86, x64 and ARM)


  • Fixed-point monitoring
  • Process control and monitoring
  • High voltage cabinet monitoring
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Industrial process Imaging
  • Laser instrumentation
  • Short range surveillance
  • Gasification reactors
  • Scientific research
  • Food monitoring
  • Livestock health

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