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Arc Protection Port

Arc Protection Port

Thermal Infrared System

  • NFPA 70E and safety for thermographers is of primary importance to all companies.
  • ICI has designed and developed an Arc Protection Port that gives a thermographer the ability to inspect electrical equipment under load without removing the panel cover.
  • This provides for a safe work environment and faster inspections. With a one-time installation to an electrical panel and with regular infrared surveys the AP Port can give employees more confidence in equipment while giving an inspection team the ability to survey equipment in a timely manner.
  • AP Ports are available in two options, 1” open window, 1” closed germanium window.
  • AP Ports can be used with any infrared camera on the market.
  • red star icon One-time installation
  • red star icon O ring cabinets remain sealed
  • red star icon Perform inspections on equipment under load
  • red star icon Threaded cover for maximum impact and explosion resistance
  • red star icon Faster electrical equipment inspections
  • red star icon Usable with any infrared camera
  • red star icon Usable on both indoor and outdoor equipment
  • red star icon Large wing for easy port cover removal: no slipping
  • red star icon Rugged anodized aluminum construction
  • red star icon Heavy duty chain holds during inspection


  • Diameter:
    • Inner: 76.2 mm ± 0.5 mm (3” ± 0.02”)
    • Overall: 88.9 mm ± 0.5 mm (3.5” ± 0.02”)
  • Thickness: 9.53 mm ± 0.5 mm (3/8” ± 0.02”)
  • Protection: IP 65 rated
  • Material: aerospace/marine grade anodized aluminum
  • Compliance


Options / Accessories

  • Optional: Germanium windows


  • Loaded electrical equipment inspections
  • Electrical cabinet inspections
  • Indoor/outdoor applications

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Infrared cameras have been made important to the world, as of late. But they’ve been our focus since 1995. We’re a global force in protecting people through advanced technology.

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